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Over-Scaled Much?

Source: NYT

JOY: You know what bugs me most about this photo?
JANET: Well, where do I start? The green shag rug?
JOY: No.
JANET: The hideously upholstered bed with matching box spring?
JOY: Nope.
JANET: The precarious single vase perched in the corner?
JOY: Nuh-uh.
JANET: The pathetic 'dust cover' on that otherwise nice-looking chair?
JOY: Nyet.
JANET: I could go on and on here y'know...
JOY: What bugs me is that the grown man looks like a leprechaun sitting on that bed. For shit's sake, even the long-stemmed rose looks taller than he does...


  1. Who is that guy? The designer, probably. Is he smiling????

  2. I was thinking Oompa Loompa due to the painted-on tan, but leprechaun works too. LOL!

  3. Alice in Wonderland was his favorite book as a child.

  4. Oh no, you said a naughty word!!

  5. how do you know it's not a leprechaun?
    I also hate the colors

  6. I am still laughing so hard with this one. With the naughty word that was said and the above comments from other bloggers. I love this web-site because it shows us that things aren't always perfect. And gives us ordinary people confidence in decorating our own homes. Everything is so wrong with this room, and especially with the little leprechaun sitting on the bed. If my husband had to sleep in this he'd have kittens!!! Come to think of it so would I!!!!

  7. Ew, ew, ew. Usually I love pink and green together, but this is the wrong green with the wrong pink. At least his tie matches...

    Like, really. Who pays people to create these messes?

    PS: Girls - Love your blog! I just stumbled upon it. I'm originally from Cornwall, btw!

  8. Do you think he was a flower child who smoked way too much of that whacky stuff? I think I would have added a nice rope for him to swing from the ceiling :-)

  9. Is this a cartoon???

  10. Love your blog, always good stuff here to brighten my day.
    Thank you

  11. quite possibly the ugliest room i've seen in 2009! WHY is that rose so big and that man so small?

    thanks for all the laughs in 2009! my fave is still one of the first posts i ever read- the swimming pool with the oppressive concrete wall and the little girl so scared she wet herself...


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