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Almost Perfect...


JOY: Sooooooo, I'm guessing this is a chair for booklovers.
JANET: It isn't just 'a chair for booklovers'-- it's 'The Ultimate Chair For Booklovers!'
JOY: Uh-huh...
JANET: Look at it! It's got everything-- built-in storage, a built-in lamp, it even has a wheel... though actually, I don't know why you'd need a wheel. I'm a bit confused by the wheel.
JOY: It's for travelling around your house so you'd never to leave your chair to get a snack.
JANET: Yeah, well in that case it's missing something else so you'd never have to leave your chair.
JOY: Lemme guess-- a hole in the seat...
JANET: Bingo!


  1. * Where's the BEVERAGE HOLDER too, please?!?!

  2. What really makes it bad design is that the lamp is too low to be good for reading...


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