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Bringing the Outdoors In

Via: design crisis

Looks like someone's gettin' lucky behind the bushes...


  1. The stylist replaced usual orhid in a pot with lilies. Bold move!

  2. Too many shades of Green and the trees really need twinkle lights.

  3. It need something more like a dear head on the wall or that stuffed ostrich from a couple posts back . . .

  4. I'd worry about dreaming about giants coming to attack me in the night.

  5. Hi Girls,

    I'm still in stitches laughing at this one and all the above comments!!! Reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and tripping over at least two of the bushes!! You could do yourself a serious injury. Those couches, I know they are trying to tie in the colour scheme with the trees but that colour is gross!


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