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Buried In the Classifieds...

Via: apartmenttherapy

'Condo for Sale. Price Drastically Reduced:
Recently renovated heritage building with stunning views. Earplugs recommended.
(Note: Monthy condo fees waived if willing to put up with wacky hunchback neighbor who likes to swing from ropes and yell "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" at all hours.')


  1. that is so awesome - I would totally live there. Think of the fun you could have with a reeeeeally big magnet. ;-)

  2. I want to live there but I might have the clock flipped around. Otherwise I might get my 3's and 9's mixed up.

  3. pretty cool really but just couldn't live there as i'd never be able to resist the urge to grab a lightsaber and flip/smash through that thing to plunge to my death. no thank you.

  4. I kinda like it. But then, I like the oversized clock aesthetic. There, I said it.

  5. This is not the ugliest room I've ever seen and I don't hate it but I do think the scale is totally wrong between the clock and the kitchen


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