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'The Edward VII Love Chair' aka 'WTHellllll??'

Source: chair blog

Aaaaand we quote: 'It's a chair specifically designed by a top French furniture-maker, so an English King could have sex with two or more prostitutes.'
(Source: TheFirstPost)

How's about we just let you figure out the rest...?


  1. Wait till Glenn Beck gets hold of this one... "With the new Gov't healthcare plan, your gynecologist will be required to examine two patients at once!"

  2. I get the top part but the bottom part seems to be a bit limited on access. Of course it's had to tell scale from the picture. Where is the seat belt? lol.

  3. apparently these are coming out in the next IKEA catalog.

  4. Maison21, you don't need to spend money collecting them. Get me some duct tape, six cardboard boxes and a couple of lawn chairs. I'll whip some up in time for your next party.


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