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'Ratchet' Furniture

Source: dezeen

You know, our husbands could whip something like this up in a matter of seconds but somehow we think the higher-ups just wouldn't think it as brilliant.

Funny how that works.


  1. Come on, that's just stupid...

  2. That's the part I really don't get about this stuff...if an average person did this, it's a pile of junk. As soon as a designer takes a bunch of junk and smashes it together, it's furniture!

  3. Look, I have enough books lying around that I've made excuses not to get to. Talk about giving me the best excuse of all ...maybe I should use this trick on the cookie jar??

  4. Coupled with the August 6th table, no one could accuse a wife of leaving her husband destitute when she kicks him out... he would have all the furniture he needs right in his garage!


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