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Give it up already!


  1. Wow, just wow. Those are terrible.

  2. they're not fabulous but i rate these a million times higher than any taxidermy. deer heads are just horrendous to me, I'm so glad hunting is not huge here in Australia, and that we don't have wild deer, those poor things!!! At least the fabric/wallpaper versions don't stare back!!!

  3. It doesn't get any worse than this.

  4. Fish on a deer head. How clever.

  5. Hi Girls,

    Can't tell you how sick I am of deer heads on people's walls whether they are "real" or "cardboard" cutouts. Hate them and hate all taxidermy. Yuck creepy! When I scrolled down and saw the kitchen my first thought was what's wrong with the kitchen - light, bright and airey until I saw the taxidermy on the walls and on the top most shelf completely gross cannot understand the thought process behind this and last but not least the two people in the old and decrepit old smelly antique looking shop. Do they know how ridiculous they look - all they need now to finish things off is the murdered look that is appearing on bath mats, shower curtains and crockery. WOW so tastefully done!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why don't those people who created taxidermy decor just IMAGINE their own heads being cut off and displayed on the walls of the zoo instead?


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