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What Say You?

Via: toxel

JANET: I say it looks like spaghetti that's been thrown on the wall.
JOY: I say perfectly-crisped shoe string fries... and please pass the ketchup.


  1. spaghetti - al dente...maybe it should pool on floor with a little red sauce! :-)

  2. The only place I can see this possibly working is a fun pasta restaurant. Otherwise it's just plain odd.

  3. I actually kind of like the pasta on the wall, but only at the top where it looks like branches and contrasts so well with the wall.
    The bench? Barf.

  4. Flying Spaghetti Monster is pleased.

  5. Or it could be a killer strain of fungus poisoning the house, reaching its tentacles out across the walls until all humans die! Bwaa-ha-ha-ha!!!

  6. I wish instead of spaghetti ends, they would bind the bench together into a carving of the grand tree with the roots flowing into the bench. I wouldn't mind buying the piece then.

  7. Disagree with you guys here. This is beautiful art. Wouldn't put it in my house, but I wouldn't put Rodin's "The Thinker" there, either.

  8. I like it when someone is witty and creative enough to design furniture that is functional and beautiful form - but this is just trying too hard, and frankly it fails!


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