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Yeah, 'Cuz THAT'S Appetizing

Via: design milk

It's a composting table-- a composting bag is placed in the center of the table and when you've finished eating, you simply scrape your leftovers into it.

We don't smell good things happening here...


  1. Patio table perhaps??? The spot way back in the corner where you go to be alone, away from the happy, jolly barbeque crowd drinking Sangria and waiting for the kabobs to be done; the spot waaaay back next to the garbage bins and the door next to the alley; the spot where the smokers sit (Bad, bad smokers!!! Sit!!)

    I don't know where you'd put this baby!

  2. Yeah, leave it outside so that the cat will come over, smell it, and think "NEW SCRATCHING POST!!" (at least mine would; or they'd wee on it)


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