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Call It Like You See It

Via: furniture fashion

JOY: So, whaddaya think?
JANET: Of what? What is that thing?
JOY: It's a sofa.
JANET: Whaaa? It's a blob on the floor.
JOY: Oh no Janet - it's called the "Boa".
JANET: As in snake? This is just getting more and more ridiculous.
JOY: It's - and I quote - "Softly woven, it resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up... "
JANET: Dumb.
JOY: "...who can also crawl inside the weave to feel even more protected."


  1. Yes... I see that it could be a sofa... AFTER IT'S BEEN DROPPED OFF A 4-STORY BUILDING! And in case you need any help to recognize what it is, they kindly placed it in a living room in front of a fireplace. I guess it was really expensive because they couldn't afford any other furniture... A minimalist blob?

  2. I can't wait to see Grandma get up off of that when she comes to see her little darling's first apartment....

  3. A sofa called a boa described as a nest? Someone had a hard time making up their minds about what the were working on, methinks...

  4. What this sofa specially designed for an orgy? It's hard not to think so.

  5. HaHA! I was thinking the same thing"Always Chasing"! The designer was just full of crap to tell you the truth. No one in there right mind would buy this. Who the heck has room for it anyway?!

  6. A nice dog bed for Winston!!!


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