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Once Upon A Time...

Source: inewidea

JANET: A very pretty lady--
JOY: With a princess complex...
JANET: Put this in her bedroom--
JOY: Because she thought she was Sleeping Freakin' Beauty...
JANET: And every night--
JOY: She played princess music and danced around her room like a Crazy Princess Lady...
JANET: And closed the doors to her magic wardrobe and wished with all her heart that her very own Prince Charming would magically appear inside--
JOY: But guess what? He never did 'cuz she was CRAZY!
JANET: The End.


  1. I wish I could think of something clever to say but, I don't know what this is. . .

  2. Pole dancing, elf style, in the privacy of your crazyland bedroom.


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