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We've Got Another STD For Ya!

Source: metropolitan home

Because without the industrial sized box of Brillo, circa 1980 t.v. and upside down skateboard, this room is nothing.


  1. I really don't get how this stuff makes it into magazines. Who did they pay and can I get their number cause I do real design.

  2. I love pillows on beds, I think if done right, it can look gorgeous, but like everything there is a line that can be crossed - and its here in this instance, maybe they did this to 'save' the room, but quite honestly its way beyond saving, and I wouldn't like to sleep on this bed anyway, it looks very uncomfortable.

  3. Is there space on the bed to sleep on in the first place, with that massive number of cushion/pillows?

  4. The Brillo box is an Andy Warhol reference.


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