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Source: freshome

Louis Vuitton had such luxurious digs?


  1. truly ghetto fabulous. i lovess it!

  2. Is this for real? Looks like living in a suitcase!!

  3. Someone went through A LOT of trouble to paint that.....

  4. thats actually a really good idea... i want that in my room!

  5. * My Gram, who was a FABulous, well-styled lady, used to eschew ANYTHING w/ a VISIBLE label... she used to smile and say "Why would I want to 'wear' someone ELSE'S name or initials & promote THEM??? 'I' want to be the STAR!!!"~~~ I STILL smile, a biiig one, thinking about the darling character that she was!!! (And I tend to AGREE w/ her, BTW!)...

    Oh yes, and HOW did you EVER find this
    place??? I suspect they either have a terriffic sense of humor or... well, are on drugs..... "don'tchathink?!?!?!"~~~ Grins!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. well the house IS about the size of a piece of Vuitton...

  7. Exactly why I don't have a Louis piece/bag, they're EVERYwhere.

  8. Is this like fake it 'till you make it?

    I also don't like wearing visible labels for an assortment of reasons, including that I believe a person who has sufficient confidence in who *she* is and how she dresses doesn't need to show off someone else's initials or name to boost that. People in the know know what you're wearing already on sight anyways if it's from a "name brand" designer. LV in particular tops my personal "never, ever" list.


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