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Why Bother?

Source: cribcandy

JANET: These chair backs are specially designed to insert into a bale of hay to make sitting on it more comfortable.
JOY: Tell you what-- there is nothing on the face of the earth that could make sitting on a bale of hay 'more comfortable'...


  1. Ah, the country, haying time, love it!!!!!

  2. Hmmmm...this is a great idea. btw that's a bale of 'straw' and they are actually quite comfortable to sit on -- warm -- soft(ish -- perfect height and depth..and now with 'backs'! Perfection. Try a few around an outdoor fire -- ah, yes, the country...LOVE it!

  3. When you've been out there all day in the heat they're the most comfortable thing on this earth.

  4. There's nothing that says spontaneous enjoyment of nature like lugging chair backs on your hike, just in case you run into a haybale.

    And just in case you would think of going without, think of the horror you'd feel if your hiking companion were to say," but sir, to sit upon this rough seat without lumber support surely would be unmannerly?"


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