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File This One Under WTP... (What's The Point?)

Source: designboom

JOY: Why are you showing me hospital equipment? There's nothing funny about hospital equipment.
JANET: It's not hospital equipment. It's a bed.
JOY: You've been looking at design photos too long. A bed has a mattress and sheets and pillows and--
JANET: Hilarious. This is a vertical bed. You put it together and ta-daaaaaaaa...

Source: designboom

JANET: You can sleep standing up in the street any time you want.
JOY: As if. Who could sleep in the street? You'd get totally robbed.
JANET: It does seem safer to just sleep at home.
JOY: But now that we have this contraption we're supposed to sleep standing up in the street?
JANET: Apparently some people seem to think there's a need.
JOY: Yeah, well it would creep me out to see some guy sleeping vertically in the street. Just go home to bed, buddy.
JANET: Exactly-- it's all very Hannibal Lecter, isn't it?

Source: designboom

JOY: Hey, how's about some fava beans and a nice little chianti?
JANET: Nah, I'm good.
JOY: C'mon, I've got some fresh liver in the fridge.
JANET: Seriously-- stop it-- you're freakin' me out.


  1. but wait, they INCLUDE the sunglasses! I think they're meant to disguise the fact you're sleeping standing up, so you won't get robbed....

  2. Does it require a subway grate to work? That could get stinky and it could ruin a few pairs of shoes for women.

    So friggin sexist.

  3. This means soon we'll be able to go Yuppie tipping

  4. What on earth??? This is definitely one of the craziest things you've ever posted on here. Definitely. How do you find this stuff??? ha ha ha


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