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We Are--

Via: yankodesign

...just as perplexed as you are.


  1. There's no rational explanation for that.

  2. at first i thought it was a BYO toilet cover, but then realised, there's no hole in the seat.... perhaps, at dinner parties, if you're short of seating... and if the party is in the bathroom...

  3. Oh dear...I've had dreams that feature toilets like this. And also toilets with fabric covers, toilets that are inexplicably open to the outdoors so that everyone in a parking lot can see me, etc, etc...

    Of course, the reason and meaning for the dream is that I desperately need to pee and my dreaming mind is doing everything it can to get me to wake up and get out of the bed!

    Perhaps the designer has similar dreams? :)

  4. Are you supposed to sit on it with your pants pulled down? If so, I hope it's made with MicroBan.


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