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Via: inhabitant

And we quote:

"The Whatchawant stool was designed as a fun piece of furniture that would inspire the imagination. They built this timeless piece, made of plywood, and containing no screws or superflous parts, with an eye on sustainability and a desire to do away with the “wear out then throw out” mentality often coupled with today’s mainstream furniture. Meant to last for generations, this modern spin on a rocking horse is destined to become a classic."


  1. just watch out where you park your bum!

  2. Some body beat me to it. What's with the marital aid on the right side? Does that make the left side whatsits stirrups? My head hurts.

  3. that little tail could be dangerous... in more ways than one, sadly.

  4. It looks like a sex toy for two.

  5. How the hell is that a rocking horse?

  6. let's suppose i have 4 of those around my dinner table:

    now, which side is the front?

  7. That little tail at the end looks like it would hurt if you sat on it by accident.

  8. can someone explain to me HOW it would rock, since the concavity of the MIDDLE means that it will just STAND there??

    the middle needs to be convex for it to actually WORK!

  9. You would have to sit side-saddle in polite company...


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