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Exercise in Futility, Defined...

Source: inewidea

JANET: Just to be clear-- this is not a light. It's a clock.
JOY: Really? 'Cuz it looks like a light to me. An ugly light.
JANET: Oh no, my dear. You see, the lights on this clock are color-coded so that each one represents a different number.
JOY: You gotta be freakin' kidding me.
JANET: Oh no-- it comes with a chart and everything. Look...

Source: inewidea

JOY: So lemme get this straight... by the time you'd have hauled out your little chart, deciphered the color-to-number code and figured out what each one means, the colors would be all changed and you have to start all over?!?
JANET: Yup. Oh-- by the way, I got you one for Christmas.
JOY: Did you keep the receipt?


  1. Hmm I should hava adjusted my monitor before trying to tell the time.
    72 hours seems a little bit off ^^

  2. Is the clock set to military time maybe? The way I read it, it's set to 14:28, and 25 seconds. Or 2:28PM.

    This would fall into the "pretty but useless" category, except the base that its on is so darn fugly.

  3. i thought it was "the ugly stick" we hear so much about.

  4. it also brings to mind the terrorist threat-level system thingy. "oh, crap! it's orange! oh wait, it's blue. and what does purple mean again? where's my gas mask?"


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