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To screw with your cat.


  1. I think this is wonderful! For 19 years, we lived in an old house with many mice; our cat was a wonderful hunter, and we grew - not quite "used" to them --but certainly not bothered by them because we knew their days were numbered. I even had a mouse-picker-upper (old b'beque spatula/tongs). The cat's getting fat now due to lack of exercise, and these stencils might just do the trick!

  2. Wish those were the only mice my son Zach and daughter-in-law Cori (whom I affectionately call Zacori)had to contend with. Presently living in London, in a tiny one room flat barely big enough for the two of them, they are doing battle with a brigade of mice. Guess who is waving the white flag? I'll be letting Zacori know about your blog. Think they'll appreciate your view of the world.


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