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But It's *Design*, Dahlings...

Source: inewidea

Joy: What are we lookin' at?
Janet: The clocks. The three of them are meant to work together like one clock.
Joy: Ugh. You've got to be kidding me.
Janet: I kid you not. One clock tells you the hour, one tells you the minute, and one tells you the second.
Joy: So you're saying if I want to know what time it is, I've got to look at three clocks and it will therefore take me three times as long as it normally would to tell the time?
Janet: So it would seem...
Joy: Screw that. I'm busy.
Janet: But it's design. It's forward-thinking, imaginative, innovative design.
Joy: Hey, what time is it when you have to look at three clocks to tell one time?
Janet: I think I may see this one coming...
Joy: Time to get a regular freakin' clock.

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  1. That one's just not for me. I can think of a thousand other things I'd rather see on my wall, however, I do like the red chair.


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