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If These Walls Could Talk...

Source: livingetc

JOY: Are you ready for our first 'Stylists-Working-Overtime' list for 2010?
JANET: Ready.
JOY: Okay - here we go. Hot pink couch-
JANET: Check.
JOY: Two horse tchotchkes-
JANET: Check.
JOY: One ugly upholstered fish pillow-
JANET: Check.
JOY: And two dog pillows-
JANET: Check and check.
JOY: Hideously unexplainable wallpaper-
JANET: Check.
JOY: Hard liquor-
JOY: This is a first - really ugly 'Union Jack' shoes-
JANET: Wowsers.
JOY: And the 'piece du resistance' - almost didn't catch this - a partridge thrown in for good measure.
JANET: Literally.


  1. No, no, it's a pheasant, not a partridge. That really says "high design"! (My dog would make a chew-toy out of it in 10 seconds flat.)

  2. I didn't read the comments before commenting. Yep...that's a pheasant....I think it might have been better with a partridge.

  3. How could you fail to mention the hot pink picture frames peeking through the door??? The overworked (and overwrought) stylist would be devastated!

  4. this has got to be from a fugly room contest, right?


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