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Leaving Well Enough Alone...

JANET: Look at this clock.
JOY: Yeah...
JANET: It's like a whiteboard.
JOY: Yeah...
JANET: It's supposed to be for an office setting. See how you could let the staff fill in the spaces with all kinds of lovely, inspirational words?

JOY: Mm-hmmm....
JANET: What?
JOY: Listen-- hang this sucker up in an office full of disgruntled employees and I can guarantee that the words that get put on it won't be anything remotely 'inspirational'.


  1. 5:00 p.m. quit this stupid job! lol

  2. Love it! 8PM Why am I still here?!!


  3. I have a feeling most of the words would only have four letters a lot of the time.

  4. I have to admit that frequently in my life Love is Vibration.

    Laurel (@NewsyGal)

  5. The mom and caregiver in me sees potential. I could have written lunch, nap, snack, Dora ... and then I could have directed my kids (and charges) to the clock and taught them a little something at the same time. Fun!


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