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Charlie knew that when his 96 year-old grandmother moved in, he'd have to come up with an easier way for her to manage the stairs...


  1. I actually think that's kind of awesome! I would be tempted to ride the slide down....although it looks like the cat is prevented from having any fun.

  2. Ok - this I want! I would soooo love to have that in my house. Awesome.

  3. Oh man, I want this in my house! (Even though it's only one-story, but still!)

  4. While certainly over the top, the slide is well used by the signs of wear at the very bottom. It must be easy to get the kids up for breakfast before school!

    And frankly I HATE circular stairs, especially coming down as they are dangerous. I'd be using the slide! ;-)

  5. i have three kids, but even if i didn't, if i had a spiral staircase i would totally love this! walking down spiral staircases makes me dizzy. but i think it would just be fun, too. have you seen the google headquarters? it's full of stuff like this and it's designed to lift the spirits of the people who work there.


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