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Via: design milk

"The series is composed of two trestles, one low table and one coat rack. In each object, the metal sheets link the wooden pieces together. Pleats pits the weight of the material against the empty space’s lightness.

The designers say, 'In order to provide to each of the components, a vital breath, we use the emptiness to connect the materials. Through this range Pleats, we create a language both simple and sophisticated in between, the ‘haute couture’, industry and craft works.'"

Wow. We think if Ikea were to describe their furniture this way, they could make a lot more money...


  1. All that about wood sticks and reinforced tin foil and they didn't have anything to say about the antlers?

  2. Why in the hell is this guy wearing antlers?

  3. He kinda looks like George Clooney....with antlers.


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