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It's A Dirty Rug, Right?

Via: design milk

Nope.  Don't you know....

(And yes, we quote:)

"A story or moment unfolds. The dye becomes an image and communicates with its surroundings, the 2D rug as a frame of dimension. The rug opens up the dimensions of the room, playing with perspectives, 2 D and 3D and the viewers’ perception of composition and construction. The rugs can be placed on the floor or the wall. Play with it and open up your dimensions!"

Well, now...don't you feel stupid?


  1. The next time I get a stain on a rug, instead of trying to clean it, I'm just going to tell people, "Play with it and open up your dimensions!" Much easier.

  2. Is Pretentious Artspeak a college course these days?


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