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Oh, Gerard Butler...


Photos: Architectural Digest

Let's say it's summer and you're dating a new guy... a guy that you think is so hot, so cool... and then one day he shows up to your house wearing black socks with sandals.

That's kinda how this makes us feel.


  1. this makes me think of decor for men who hate decor. It is so anti-pretty, so overly masculine, as if he were afraid that when someone heard his place was redone, someone would think less of him as a man. There's no colour, the chairs are thrones, there are roman columns and other pieces, and of course there is a super big TV.

    kinda funny, unintentionally...

  2. I have been gaping in horror at that spread for the past week. Yuck! Butler is so hot, but his pad is a dealbreaker!

  3. OH COME ON !!! Who wouldn't want a kitchen like that?????

  4. The only explanation is that he puts on his leather speedo, his red cape and sandals (sans black socks) and walks around carrying his Spartan shield and spear. That is literally the only way he could pull this off. I can already picture him with the helmet on approaching his fridge saying "I AM HUNGRY!" like his line in the movie.

    Love the site ladies...keep on keepin' it real!

  5. uh oh-i kind of like the kitchen
    am i banished from your site now?

  6. hats instead of antlers! Cool! But it;s still BLECHHHH!

  7. Doesn't Mr Butler's house look a little kitschy? I understand we all have different tastes but some things in his flat are just over the top, i.e. the painted/printed ceiling a la the Sistine Chapel!

  8. Ok to be honest with you if I was with Gerard Butler in his house the last thing I would care about was the decor. Take him out of the equation I would have a problem with it, but add him to it I'll take it any day. :)


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