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An ENTIRELY FICTIONAL Interview With Uber Designer Jean Paul Gaultier...

Moggitgirls: Wow, Jean Paul Gaultier, you've just designed this suite for 'La Suite ELLE Decoration'! May we say it's very stripe-y?
JPG (avec his very accent francais): Mais, oui. It is, as you say, very stripe-y. I used alot of stripes.

Source: trendhunter
Moggitgirls: We're guessing you can't really use that fireplace. 
JPG: Non! That would be against how you say, zee fire code. It is just to enjoy looking at the stripes.

Source: trendhunter
Moggitgirls: And the love seat... is that the only useable piece of furniture in the room?
JPG: Yes. It is. But I put a lump in it, so it is really not all that comfortable.

Source: trendhunter
Moggitgirls: Just one last question, if you don't mind... can you tell us what the inspiration for the suite was?
JPG: Ah, it just came to me!

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  1. Wow, it's so... trippy. That last picture makes him look like he's floating in a very stripe-y space. I'm getting a headache just looking at it. It can NOT be a comfortable room.


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