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If These Walls Could Talk...

Via: dangolden

JOY: Janet, we gotta buy this carpet.
JANET: Yeah, that right fork totally represents what's been going on with us the past few days.
JOY: Seriously. How much do we love twitter?
JANET: I'm thinking of taking it to third base...
JOY: Oh, baby. And how much do we love Nate-- or as we like to call him, 'At-Nate-Underscore-Berkus'.
JANET: This much!

smoochies for Nate!

JOY: Whodda thought three days ago that:
a) we would be talking to NATE BERKUS HIMSELF on twitter and then,
b) We would talk to a producer of his new show?
JANET: Pinch me. It's amazing that one little idea-- of having an audience filled entirely with design bloggers-- could take off so quickly!
JOY: I love that Nate & his staff love the idea.
JANET: I love that they're letting us tweet out the email for info about it!
JOY: Ha. I love that too.
JANET: How many times have we used the word 'love' in this post?
JOY: I'm actually feeling a little nauseated.
JANET: Okay, time to go back to being snarky bitches.


  1. Nate-lovers/snarky bitches(ha!). I'll DEFINITELY take both. :)

  2. At least you didn't use any smiley faces...that counts for something.

    Also, you ladies RULE the school.

  3. Ooooh, I just love what you all have been doing. I hope it works out and crossing my fingers that I can be in the audience and meet all of my fellow design bloggers. Y'all rock!

  4. So excited for you ladies and so happy I found you through twitter! So awesome - can't wait to hear (and watch) all about it!

  5. RIGHT ON!
    Way to take the blog by the horns and make things happen!

    Very excited for you!


  6. How can you not love Nate? I hope is show is as good as he is.

  7. Hooray!!!

    You guys are hilarious too! Thanks for pulling this together. Is his show in NY? LA?


  8. The power of twitter! That's so great - hope it happens.

  9. So exciting!!! I can only hope that I'll get one little tweet from him someday. I could be satisfied with that :)

  10. Just discovered your wonderful blog! Followed in an instant. Have a lovely weekend! Will xo

  11. Beauty and brains? Nice combo-- Good Idea, Great blog. Thanks for sharing your wealth of smarts and clever quips.

  12. Crazy new shit is AWESOME, especially when it pertains to Nate Berkus. Very exciting!

  13. OK....where and when!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. hello! just @ you on twitter and wanted to confirm you had received it before posting for #nateday -- would be lovely if you could let me know via e-mail or twitter -- thanks so much!


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