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Wanna Meet The Most Nervous Fish In The World?

casa sugar
Via: casa sugar

They live in Sheryl Crow's kitchen.
(Yes, this is Sheryl Crow's house and it's for sale.)


  1. I don't think the person who buys this house will ever run out of appetizers....Sushi Anyone?

  2. I don't think the person who buys this house will ever be short on appetizers.......Sushi Anyone?

  3. Ok weird, I don't like the idea of having a fish tank in the kitchen - live food. So do you drop the excess food in when you are chopping on the board? Is there a little hole?

    Jennifer Duchene
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  4. Imagine being the real estate agent on this one. Does the listing mention it as a "feature"?

  5. Fish don't like vibrations, but aside from that, this is a very practical design. If you have an aquarium, the best place to keep it is near a source of water and a drain! (You have to change the water regularly to keep the fish healthy).

  6. I'm pretty rough around the kitchen. That tank probably will not stay intact long in my presence. Poor fishies. Into my tummy now, yes? ;)

  7. I'm not a fish-as-a-pet person (but love eating the little critters), so I won't comment on the aquarium. I find it strange to have a black and white photo of an infant right above the stove. Strange backsplash imho!

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