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If These Walls Could Talk...Nate Berkus Style!

JANET: Well, here we are in Chicago. Finally. 
JOY: And here we are at Nate Berkus' apartment building. Finally.
JANET: We gotta get in there and find something mogg-worthy. 
JOY: Let's do it now, 'cuz I just saw him and his fabulous hair take his dogs out for a walk. 
JANET: Are you SURE it was him? 
JOY: Totally! Look-- I snapped him with my iphone.  
a boy & his dogs
JANET: Sigh... that's him alright. 
JOY: Stop drooling & get moving! 
JANET: Yeah-- we probably don't have much time. I mean, how long can it take for two dogs to poop in the park?   


JOY: Wow. That lock was really hard to pick. 
JANET: Harder than usual? 
JOY: Lemme put it this way-- I had to pull out my platinum card.
JANET: Well, it is Nate Berkus' apartment, after all...
JOY: Yup-- and nuthin' but the best will do for our Nate!


JANET: Oh. My. Goodness. Look at Nate's living room! 
JOY: Gotta say I love it. Very masculine and warm.
JANET: And yet light and airy. And well balanced.
JOY: LOVE that carpet!
JANET: LOVE those chairs!
JOY: Listen to us. We're gushing. I actually feel a little nauseous...
JANET: Just keep moving. And whatever you do, don't throw up on Nate's fabulous carpet. There's gotta be something wrong with this place somewhere...


JOY: Wow. He's a pig in the bathroom.
JANET: You mean he's got pigs in the bathroom.
JOY: Yeah. That's what I meant.
JANET: Nice try. That big one is quite a handsome specimen, don't you think?
JOY: Yes. He really is an unexpected touch of whimsy in an unexpected place. 
JANET: And he also provides a lovely juxtaposition of dark against all those light tones... 
JOY: Drat! There's nothin' for us to mogg about in here.  
JANET: Keep going. Where to next? 
JOY: The kitchen-- maybe he's got a massive collection of roosters or cows in there or something.
JANET: Yeah, with a gingham wallpaper border. 
JOY: Cross your fingers...


JANET: RATS! This kitchen is totally cool.
JOY: Aarrrrrrrrrrggggggggh!
JANET: There is not one blasted thing in here that's mogg-worthy.
JOY: I really love those chairs-- they're amazing! 
JANET: And the table-- it's totally industrial chic.
JOY: Know what? It also doubles as an island!
JANET: Oh, that Nate. He's so damn clever.  
JOY: Sigh. Should we try the dining room? 
JANET: Whatever. But don't get your hopes up-- it's probably perfection.  


JOY: Why are these chairs pulled out so far? Really? Who doesn't push in their chair when they get up??
JANET: Now you're just grasping at straws.
JOY: Yeah... whatev. It's perfect. That table is to-die-for. 
JANET: And please, those chairs. Drat you, Nate Berkus and your seemingly infallible design-eye. 
JOY: We'll get you soon my pretty, and your little dogs, too! 


JANET: Oooh... look what we have here! 
JOY: What? An extremely inviting and comfortable room to read and relax in... and maybe watch tv? 
JANET: Yeah, but only if your neck has owl-like dexterity. Why is it behind the couch?
JOY: Good question. But the real question is, is it mogg-worthy?
JANET: No. Dammit...   


JOY: So. The bedroom. Also disgustingly perfect. 
JANET: Somebody likes him some geometric carpets...
JOY: There's nothing wrong with that. Now you're the one grasping at straws.
JANET: Sigh... I know. It's a really great carpet. He has great taste in carpets.  
JOY: Let's take a break in these two lovely gold chairs that Nate so thoughtfully left here for us.
JANET: It's almost like he was expecting us, isn't it? 
JOY: Yes... it's like he's saying 'Sit here girls, and watch me and my fabulously thick, wavy, tousled hair wake up in the morning.'
JANET: Stop. 
JOY: Seriously. Have you ever seen a better head of hair on a guy? It's so... lustrous. 
JANET: Stop. 
JOY: It's just so thick. And looks like it doesn't give damn while it teases you with it's 'Come hither and run your fingers through me' waviness...
JANET: I said STOP! 
JOY: Okay-- I'm done. Time to get out of here. 
JANET: I guess... know what irritates me? 
JOY: What? 
JANET: The fact that there is absolutely, positively NOTHING mogg-worthy in this whole damn, spectacularly fabulous apartment. NOTHING!


JOY: GASP-- Hold. Everything.
JANET: What? 
JOY: I found it!
JANET: What?? 
JOY: Paydirt... 

JANET: Oh. Wow. That's a lot of blue.
JOY: Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh... alot. What kind of blue is that anyway? 
JANET: I believe it's called 'Mogg-Worthy Blue'.
JOY: Oh, Nate... call us. 

ED. NOTE: The above is a completely fictionalized account of an occurrence that never really happened. Joy and Janet have never broken in to Nate's fab Chicago apartment with a credit card (much as they might wish to have done). And they are also not quite so delusional that they don't realize that in the real world, they would never get past the doorman. The Nate Show premieres September 13th-- so be sure to tune in for some fresh, fun and non-fictionalized entertainment!

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All photos: elle decor


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  6. love the legs on the table in the kitchen. the art nouveau profile adds interest, complementing the straight lines throughout the space.

    ...and the blue in the closet- a great statement!

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    Happy Nate Day!

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    The rug in the Living Room is also to.die.for.
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  34. I don't think the closet is actually his ... hmmm blue ... ahhh, it's Barclay Butera's closet. How did THAT get in there? I think you took a wrong turn in the hall.

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    Art by Karena

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