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If These Walls Could Talk...The Day After #NateDay

JOY:  Janet, wake up!
JANET:  What do you want from me?  I was working Nate Day since 5 a.m. yesterday - I'm exhausted!

Photo credit: S. Butland Photography

JOY:  Suck it up sistah--  we had tons of fun yesterday blogging with 133  fellow design bloggers.
JANET:  Yeah, it was a blast.  A lot of work but a lot of fun!  Let's do it again Sept 13th when The Nate Berkus Show launches.
JOY: Atta girl, now you're thinking.  Let's rally the troops...

:: Knock knock knock ::

JANET:  Who could that be???
JOY: I'll  get it....

Nate bringing us flowers
Photo via: google images

JOY & JANET:  Oh my goodness Nate!  You shouldn't have!
JANET:  Come on in...!
JOY: *whispers* Said the spider to the fly...

*ED NOTE:  Yet another completely fictional account of an occurrence that never really happened.  (What? Two girls can dream, can't they??)


  1. "If you build it, they will come."

    I wouldn't be surprised if Nate DID come a knockin (hello Nate Berkus show producers..that *would* make for a pretty fab segment).

    You ladiez rule!

  2. I had so much fun participating in Nate Day! You girls rock!

  3. I'm STILL reading #nateday posts! They are ALL so great! Great job girls!

  4. I'll never be the same because of all that Nate-ness. See you on Sept. 13
    xo xo

  5. Love it.. what fun! Thanks for organizing such a fun little party & tribute. And I'm cracking up at your conversations! fab!

  6. HAHAHA. omg. so hilarious :)

  7. Where oh where did you ever find that pic of Nate? Too funny!

  8. Where oh where did you ever find that pic of Nate? Too funny!!!

  9. You girls can sure create excitement. As the saying goes-starting small can take you to some great things. What what a SUCCESS! I think I failed at my first attempt at joining into a twitter party - and give myself an "F". I posted and tweeted #Nateday, but realized I forgot to add the list link url. Silly me. Ya live, ya learn Would love to go to the show in Sept.

    My best -

  10. Well I'm living under a rock -- I didn't know anything about Nate Day till it was too late. Now I'm following you on Twitter, so I won't miss out on the fun the next time around :-)

    Great talking to you at the TweetUp :-)

    Kelly (JAXDD & DesignTies)

  11. You two are too witty and clever. Love it.


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