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For Those Who Love Birds...

modren echo
Via: modern echo

But not enough to feed them, clean them, listen to them or interact with them.


  1. my kind of birds!!! no poo, smell, feathers, or bird seed in the house! i can't believe you guys think this is mogg worthy.... these are very popular, I think they look great! personally, i won't put stickers up on my walls.... but they look great in modern homes that need some oomph

  2. Remember peeps, just because we 'mogg' it, doesn't mean we hate it! ;)

  3. oh gosh but I assumed you do hate it if you Mogg It, because everything else on here is so...ummmm.... "interesting" to look at, lol!

  4. These are beautiful! No noise, no smell, no seed and shit everywhere. I'd put some up if my landlord hadn't put textured wallpaper on EVERY FREAKIN' WALL.


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