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If This Spade Could Talk

Source: Casa Sugar

JOY: Look at this guy.
JANET: Wow. Cool lookin' dude.
JOY: Yup. Just sittin' in his spade-shaped hole in the ground.
JANET: With all his airbrushed pictures of scantily clad chicks around him.
JOY: Enjoying his robot-animal coffee table.
JANET: Wait-- is that Darryl Hall?
JOY: No-- he's cool but he's not that cool...


  1. Just what-in-the-blue-blazes is THAT hole supposed to BE??

    O.K. let's call a spade -- a spade!! Dry hot tub? Cozy bar area? Crazy waste-of-concrete-and-spray-paint? And why would a cute guy be down there????

    NOT an ace-in-the-hole by any stretch of the imagination .....

  2. He may look cut but he's obviously an idiot with little to no taste. Daryl Hall would NEVER in a million years....


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