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When Critics Told Alberto His Music Was Crappy...

Via: masaltime

They had no idea how right they were.


  1. Jajajajaaaaaaa This is too much! Congrats!

  2. that would be awfully chilly to sit on!

  3. In a nod to classical selections for this room -- perhaps The 1812 Overture? Or Water Music?

    I suppose the tune "When The Saints Come Marching In" would be considered "too much"?

    Or perhaps some would prefer chamber music -- to accompany the use of the chamber pot?

    In a purely decor note -- couldn't someone have removed the cleaner and the spray for the photo? And perhaps even painted out the bright white plumbing pipes? And remove the nasty rug? If one is really going for a singular decor "look" -- then finish the project before snapping a photo!


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