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So this chair has a hole in it and awh poor thing and it is also missing a leg it must feel so bad so I guess I'll just hang some lovely pretty colorful paper streamers from the hole where's the glue oh there it is and uh-huhm I'll just let them dangle down just like that and yup there that oughta fix it oooh goodness me it is just so pretty pretty pretty I wonder if I can sit on it let me try I bet it's gonna totally work just cause it's so damn so pretty now how can it not totally work and ooomph ouch SHIT that really really hurt stupid chair!


  1. Remember that youtube video of the guy talking about a double rainbow? "Double rainbow.. What does it mean!?"

    This is how he fixes chairs.

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  3. The comment above this is hilarious. :)

    Knowing me, I'd try to sit in the chair just cause of how pretty it is. Woops!


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