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Via: coolhunting

Is this really a selling point?


  1. Jeeeze...that kid is seriously airborne. Does the offer include a year's supply of casts, crutches and slings?

  2. YES! My twins always look like this!

  3. This photo made me very anxious. Isn't he just cute? I believe this is the same little nugget with legs who ran screaming by me in many a retail establishment, ripping clothing from the shelves, doing handstands and screaming at another "retail orphan" (as I call them) in a mock game of Jeopardy - "I'll take Who Can Drive the Shoppers to a Homicidal Rage for 500 please Alex" Meanwhile, the xanacomaed mothers pretend they came to the store alone as I call to schedule another therapy appointment to discuss the decline of adequate parenting. It starts here, with a seemingly innocent act - being allowed to jump on the furniture at home. Because it then becomes confusing for children who are allowed to behave at home in a manner in direct opposition to how they are expected to act in public. Next, junior is throwing his nuggets to the floor of the restaurant and letting out squeals of delight while the restaurant employees and patrons fashion voodoo dolls in the parents' images. It progresses to the grocery store - as the mother assumes a look of Stepford-like calm, with an eyebrow twitch of mock confusion thrown in, in an obvious attempt at conveying "he really isn't like this at home". But alas, fellow shoppers are subjected to various items being thrown from the cart, and endless variations of the word NO screamed at a decible that would be deemed illegal by any scientific means of measuring sounds that are not conducive to maintaining a healthy human ear. If one chooses to ignore the little bucket of cuteness, it's a matter of seconds before the "Hi!", Hi!!" Hi Hi Hi!!" begins, gradually increasing in sound and aggressiveness until you are forced to glue on a smile, turn around and say hello to one of the Children of the Corn, at which point you are hit square in the forehead with a cherrio.
    (Sigh) Yup, that's a little cutie jumping around on that couch.


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