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The Designer-Grandma's Bedtime Story...

Source: designdontpanic

Designer Grandma: And the Old Wicked Credenza was so very jealous of the Beautiful Little Dresser that she sent it out in to the woods with her henchman, The Cabinet Maker.

Little Kid: Did he chop it up with his axe?

Designer Grandma: No darling, it's lines were divine and it was utterly functional and in the end he couldn't bring himself to destroy it, so he just left it there.

Little Kid: So then it went to live in a cute little cottage in the woods with seven short guys with beards?

Designer Grandma: No honey, that just wouldn't be realistic. It got rained on and eventually rotted away...

1 comment:

  1. When I have kids, I'm telling them this.

    Now if it had only been industrial it may have been saved!


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