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Never Argue With The Designer!

Source: cotemaison

Avant-garde designer Richard's most difficult clients learned the hard way that when he said he was putting his foot down-- he meant it...


  1. Glad I didn't pay for this nightmare!

  2. Me too! Designers some times are self-illusioned into thinking they know better than the clients! They then give clients things they do not want and ask them to pay for it, too. Good designers give clients what they want. It is the client who has to live with their surroundings and NOT the designers - those live with their ego.

  3. What a punishment!

  4. The foot is bad, but what about those little lights? I'd be trippin'(literally and figuratively).

  5. When I see something like this, "The Emperor's New Clothes" immediately comes to mind. There is no end to how gullible people can be.

  6. That would be soooo scary at night, the only lighting that I can see is the lighting on the floor,the decorating equivalent of holding a flash-light under your chin in the garden.


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