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In A Seedy Part Of Town....A Hoarder's Episode Waiting To Happen--

Via: vogueaustralia

But for Vogue Australia - cutting edge design!


  1. Yuck is right... I wonder what the value of a home like that is down there.

  2. Is that mold or a new painting technique?

  3. Its looking like a place of art but what about the wall paint?

  4. When you see the home in context, it's really very beautiful. It's owned by a creative, artist couple who in fact lovingly restored the home. It is not mould you see but a distressed effect created through paint. Please feel free to add your comments here:

  5. Nice blog.. thanks for sharing this information with us..

  6. love it! it says i am charmed by that which nature holds in great reverence, give me your mouldy doily your tattered and worn slip cover, your peeling paint and anatomical chart, but the judge gone mad on the tippy chair, well he would have to go, that and your syllabicated moan of a cold stainless steel designer guy.


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