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Dinner Party - 'What Not To Do's'

Throwing a dinner party? Here are our ‘Top Ten What NOT To Do’s'...

1. When throwing a dinner party, you want your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and at ease– not dizzy, nauseous and in need of medical attention.

2. If you must wear an apron to ‘prove’ that you did the cooking… keep it simple.

3. In order to keep the conversation flowing, it is essential to make sure your centrepiece is interesting– just make sure it’s not too large… or a car.

4. Choosing the perfect set of dishes can really showcase your food. Simple, classic white says, ‘I have complete confidence in my cooking.’ Classic white smeared with blood says, ‘You don’t wanna know what happened to the last guy who complained about my cooking.’

5. A fine linen napkin can really enhance your guest’s dining experience– unless you prefer a paper version that will make them look like idiots.

6. Pairing up the right wine for your food is crucial. Choose wisely– don’t make an ass of yourself!

7. Less is always more when choosing the right stemware. Emphasis on ‘less’.

8. A special added touch, such as a place-card holder, can deliver an inspired message– just make sure it’s the right one.

9. Serving lattes after dinner is a great idea to round out a great meal– but if your best foam art effort resembles anything close to this, you’d better hold off until your finished product is more professional and slightly less threatening.

10. In the immortal words of Julia Child ‘Never apologize!’ However, if you have done something truly horrible in the kitchen, you can always salvage the evening with a ‘special’ dessert…

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