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Bullseye Boxing Week, Baby!

So let's just say we were absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Target Canada (@TargetCanada) last week to participate in their #BullseyeBoxingWeek (Blowout Bonanza-- we just added that in, Target. You're welcome.) Admittedly, it does take alot to get us out of our cozy new jammies on Boxing Day and into a store filled with potentially crazy folk who are willing to wrestle you to the ground for that last box of chocolates or pair of gloves... so you know we must love us some Tar-get (said like 'Tar-shjay', with y'know, that irritating fake French accent) if we braved the snow and the cold and the crowds to search out some unbeatable Tar-shjay bar-goons. We arrived in the afternoon, armed with our handy-dandy Target gift card...

 (Well, hello there, Ma'am!)

  target entrance photo Target1.jpg

And to our delight, the staff of our local store had the place running like a well-oiled machine. No crazy people. No massive lineups. Just plenty of staff on the floor to answer questions, tons of cashes open, an in-store STARBUCKS (gasp!) to provide Joy with sustenance (read: caffeine), plenty of carts (Janet loves her a shopping cart!) and maps of the store along with Boxing Day flyers all readily available at the entrance. What a great start!

  map & cart photo target3.jpg

While we appreciated the map, we really didn't need it-- we knew exactly where we were headed-- to our fave section of the store: Nate Berkus Design Central. Let's all just take a moment, shall we...? Sigh...

   photo Target2.jpg

Okay, back to business. We absolutely LOVE Nate's line for Target-- so on point yet so timeless and so incredibly affordable! Did we mention affordable? And some of it was on clearance. Seriously-- clearance-priced Nate Berkus goods. Does it get any better than that? Not for us, it doesn't! Needless to say, we nabbed us up some Nate goodies...

   photo photo.jpg 

Target also has an in-house design line called 'Threshold' that is also pretty darn amazing... so naturally, we were powerless to resist!

  photo photo-1.jpg

Gold serving tray, fabulous thick, beautifully coloured mercury glass (our Kryptonite), and creamy frames all by Threshold. And all on sale.

On the slighty-duller-but-driven-by-mother-guilt-like-the-good-Moms-we-are-side, we also grabbed the kiddos a dvd of 'Despicable Me 2' for $12-- such a steal! And a very boring but much needed adaptor cord that no one understandably thought to put under the tree for Janet...

All in all, it was a very successful trip-- who knew Boxing Day could be so much fun? Oh, yeah... Target Canada knew. Cuz they're smart like that.

Thanks for a great day, Target!

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