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What's The Next Coolest Thing? Next Issue Canada, That's What!

Oh. Our. Goodness.

We may have just stumbled across the coolest thing to be created for the internet. Ever. (And that includes LOL Cats and The Duck Song.)

What is it, you ask? Why, it's called 'Next Issue' (Canada).

We have a couple of questions for you... How much do design junkies like us spend on design magazines every month? And how much would we spend given an unlimited budget?

Answer to both questions: LOTS.


Wrong. So, so wrong. Because gentle reader, there is no longer any need to spend oodles of money on magazines every month anymore because now there is 'Next Issue'.

For a measly $9.99 per month for the basic level, or $14.99 per month for the premium level (read: access to even more magazines) you get access to over 100 of the best, most amazing, most popular and yes, even the most pricey magazines out there. (Veranda, anyone? Hello, lover!)

It's true. And. It. Is. Absolutely. Brilliant.

Here's how it works:
a) You sign up for a free 30 day trial at using your tablet. (You are required to give your credit card number in order to complete registration, but don't worry-- you can cancel at any time.)
b) After registering, you download the Next Issue Canada app.
c) You open the app.
d) You choose from over 100 of the most popular magazine titles-- any or all, it's up to you!
e) You sit back in your comfiest chair with your beverage of choice and read not only the current issue of your favourite mags, but-- get this-- back issues too!
f) You shake your head in wonder at the sheer genius of it all.

Seriously. It's that easy.

We know, cuz we did it! We found some amazing articles in back issues that we totally missed through the last year as we waited in line at the grocery store...

Articles like the one we found in last April's issue of O Magazine, utterly fascinating-- all about designer Xorin Balbes' book, 'Soul Space' where he pares his design philosophy down to its bare and only most necessary bones. A definite must read!
  O Mag photo Omagphoto.png
Or the May 2013 issue of GQ with it's 20 page feature (and, uhm, cover and, uhm, photos) of RDJ. GQ photo RDJ.png

Oh, and have we mentioned the December 2012 issue of Veranda? We have just two words: Oh. My...Veranda photo Veranda.png

In the July/August2013 issue of Traditional Home, we found the most amazing house in a feature called 'Stone. Water. Wood.' on designer Juan Montoya's home. Bliss!

 Traditional Home photo TradHome.png

And how about the December 2013 issue of W... you know-- the one with George on the cover?   photo Wmag.png

As we thumbed our way through current and back issues of some of our fave mags like In Style, Veranda, O Magazine, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and way too many more to mention here, we were more than just a little amazed. Try to buy any two of those magazines we just mentioned at the grocery store check-out line, and you've already spent way more than it costs for one month of access to over 100 magazines!

Wanna try it? You can sign up right here!: Next Issue Canada

 We're actually still in shock about it all. But we'll get over it... maybe.

In the meantime, we guess we'll just be huge 'Next Issue' addicts...

Ps. Just so you know, we were compensated for this post, but shh-- don't tell Next Issue Canada-- we would have totally written it anyway.


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